Offset Dish Antenna
Ku Band 35cm
Ku Band 45 x 50cm
Ku Band 60 x 65cm
Ku Band 75 x 83cm
Ku Band 80cm
Ku Band 90 x 100cm
Ku Band 100 x 110cm
Ku Band 120 x 135cm
Ku Band 150 x 165cm
C Band Solid - 6 Panels
﹞C Band 100cm (3.6 feet)
C Band 120cm (4 feet)
C Band 135cm (4.5 feet)
C Band 150cm (5 feet)
C Band 180cm (6 feet)
C Band 210cm (7 feet)
C Band 240cm (8 feet)
﹞C-kuBand Solid-Single Panel
﹞Dish Antenna Accessaries
﹞Multi Feed LNB Holder
﹞Ku Band LNB Holder
﹞Ku Band LNB Clamp
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    Dish company (known as NORTH SATELLITE ANTENNA COMMUNICATION CO., LTD),was established in the year 2002, with it's head office in TIANJIN, it has one factorie located in the North of China. Dish company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing all kinds of digital satellite dish antenna products.
    As one of the earliest Satellite antenna manufacturers in China, our company carries out strict quality management,all the Satellite antenna production and quality control procedures follow the rules of ISO9001.

Short axle:45CM
Long axle:50CM
Ku wave band plus 12.5GHz:33dB
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Parts:diversified type
Long axle:100CM
Ku wave band plus 12.5GHz:32.1dB
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Panel (Sector Divided) :Single Panel (with rolled-in edge to against
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North Satellite Antenna Communication CD.,LTD
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